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Great Local Dentists Save You 70%+ on Braces, Implants, Crowns. No Insurance Needed.

Major dental work is expensive.  Dentists charge around $5,500 for braces and $4,000 for an implant and crown. If you don’t have a dental plan, you would pay the entire fee.

If you have a dental plan, it doesn’t get much better.  Good dental plans cover $1,500 for either procedure, so you still have to pay around $4,000 for braces and $2,500 for an implant and crown to make up the difference. 

PlanSURITY lowers the price of major dental work while improving quality of care. We connect you to great local dentists, reviewed by clinical experts for excellence. It doesn’t matter to us if you have a dental plan or not - the dentist will not charge your insurance plan anyway. Here’s what you pay:

Braces: Around $2,500 (SAVE $1,500 - $3,000)
Implant + Crown: Around $1,500 (SAVE $1,000 - $2,500)
Other Major Procedures: After your free initial examination, you’ll get an outstanding price

Most of our dentists have financing options in place so you can pay monthly (instead of all at once), if that helps you get the care you need.

Sign up today. Its free to join.  Tell us if you need work done now or in the future. A local dental office will contact you (depending on when you need the work done) for a free initial examination.


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