M & M INsurance Agency Dental Coverage

Hello Employers!

We Want You To Pay NOTHING To Reduce The Cost Of Major Dental Work For All Your Employees Major Dental Work

  • Major dental work is expensive …

           whether employees have dental
           plans or not.

  • Example Orthodontics

           Plan Covers: $1,500 lifetime max
           Dentist Fee: $5,000
   Employee Pays With Plan: $3,500   Without Plan: $5,000

PlanSURITY Solves The Problem … No Employer Cost

We charge NOTHING to solve the problem whether employees have plans or not.

Same Example Orthodontics
Your Plan Pays: ZERO Dentist Charges: $2,000

Employee Pays  With or without Plan: $2,000


Employers register by email.

Employees provide contact info and availability.

We respond with available dentist, confirm pricing, and audit quality of work.

After we accept your registration, tell your employees about it. Simple as that!


How is this possible? Dental offices do 2 major procedures per day, but could do 50.
Empty seats make air travel expensive dental offices are no different.

Who does the work? Either elite specialists or general dentists who agree to be
clinically audited because they have done many procedures already.

Is this a “one time” deal?

Those who join now will have the right to continue with the pilot on the same terms.

No such guarantee exists in the future.
PlanSURITY builds the best dental programs money can buy.
Even when they are free.

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