Why Your Company Needs to “Deal Direct” With Dental and Medical Providers

Our MOTTO: Pay Less,Get More, Measure Everything

In the past, health and dental coverage shared a similar flawed business model, but there was little you could do as an employer to fix that model.  To use dental coverage as an example, it was never easy to get the real numbers on the performance of your dental plan.  Now that we have those numbers, you will find a serious gap between what you were promised and what you receive. Second, dentists themselves never gave you a new way to pay them. Numbers matter less if you have no real way to change them!

But now, both those limiting factors are erased and gone.

For the first time ever, thousands of dental providers are driving a massive wave of change that will sweep the medical profession next. For the first time, your company will be able to work directly with dentists providing the care to your employees. Those dentists have agreed to work within a new system which includes independent measurements of cost and quality. 

You will be able to do three things you could never do before ALL AT THE SAME TIME:

1.       Reduce your costs … and what your employees pay too. Permanently.

2.       Cover everything done in a dental chair... no restrictions or financial limits.

3.       Measure and improve treatment with independent review of clinical work and patient experience.

There is NOW a complete revolution in how you pay for dental care, what it costs you and your employees, and the quality of what you receive. Whether you pay 2 employees or 200,000 employees, take just 5 minutes to watch our videos.

Yours in success,

Michele Boland: Broker

Matt Boland: Broker

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