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Doctor On Demand provides fast, easy and affordable access to Board Certified medical doctors,

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There is Federal $ MONEY $ Available !

As a Broker we can help & see if you qualify as an employer for Federal Funds.

Small businesses employers with less than 50 employees are able to apply for Federal Benefits !

We're here to help you in all of your insurance needs. 

We specialize in health insurance for groups and for individuals.

We also create and prepare additional products to compliment your health insurance coverage.

Benefits such as dental, vision, disability coverage, critical illness insurance and many more.

Let us design a benefits package for you on the home-front or at your place of business.

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One of the most important products in our view.  If you can't work, industry experts call this the living death. 

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Group Health


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Term life insurance
Benefit amount is paid in the event of your death
It is set for a period of and priced for the duration of that time.

Critical illness insurance pays a lump sum if diagnosed with a specified critical illness, including life-threatening cancer, heart attack,
kidney failure, stroke and coma.

Term Life Insurance

After a deductible, benefits are payable for medical
expenses incurred as the result of each covered accident.
A family plan covers the primary member, spouse and all children.

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